Discovering Serbia – Eastern Europe

Discovering Serbia

Why Serbia? Is it Serbia or Siberia? Are they not racist? Why would any black person go to Serbia? Is the war still going on? These are just a few of the numerous questions I was asked by my family and friends as soon as I mentioned I was travelling to Serbia in 2013. I have always been thirsty for Adventure and this Eastern European country sounded ideal.

As soon as I got off the plane I almost froze in shock when I saw about 6 Serbian police officers at the entrance of the airport staring at me sternly. I felt a cold chill down my spine as I wondered if I was in trouble and whether they would let me into the country. ‘’Could we please have a look at your passport?’’ one of them asked as he stretched his hand towards me. I forced a smile and tried my best to remain calm despite the fact that I was panicking. ‘’She has been to Sweden! let her in’’ he said to the other officers as they signaled to me to head towards the open window at the front. My passport was stamped immediately as I rolled my suitcases out of the airport to the parking lot.

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